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With God in the midst - Susan and Alrick celebrate second anniversary

Published:Saturday | April 1, 2017 | 12:00 AMCarl Gilchrist


When Alrick Pryce and Susan Gordon tied the knot two years ago, they were confident that their relationship would grow and blossom into something beautiful and special.

Today, the relationship has followed that projected path as the couple last week celebrated their second anniversary in the Garden Parish.

The young couple took some time off to celebrate in their own special way.

"It has been a tremendous and wonderful two years. It has been a blessing. There were challenges, but you know, when God is in the midst, you can smile at the storm," Susan told Family and Religion on Wednesday.

Alrick, similarly, expressed his faith in God.

"There's no better way to start being grateful than to thank our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, who made this more than a possibility, to see our second anniversary," Alrick said

"I have to admit there's no smooth marriage or relationship. What I have learned since we've been together is that when the sea gets rough, you should never throw your paddle away. Just ride out the storm.

"It is always important to include God in the midst of your marriage. He makes Himself available for you at all times, He teaches you wisdom and allows you to think like He does."




Alrick said that Susan came as the answer to his prayers when he was down.

"I thought I had lost everything until I asked God for a lady who would fit the criteria of a great wife, and then came Susan Gordon, whose name is now Mrs Susan Gordon-Pryce. Every day I live, I am thankful for the many blessings Jehovah has provided."

The young couple is encouraging individuals to build a foundation on Christ and to trust in Him.

Alrick said: "I want to encourage young and mature individuals who plan on getting married to build their foundation on Christ Jesus and trust Him to help them find that special person who will respect them for who they are. Show your love and loyalty and become a great team together."

"Put God in the middle. With God all things are possible," Susan added.

The couple is looking forward to a blessed future together. Susan is looking forward to something special.

"I'm looking forward for the baby," Susan laughed. She added: "I'm looking forward to more wonderful years together. We want to get old together and to serve God more because we won't take God out of the midst, He's our keeper, He's our protector, He's our provider."