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Emeralds shine for God

Published:Saturday | April 8, 2017 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
That Emeralds ministering at a church recently: from left, Shane Cole, Rajae Danvers, Miguel Britton, Jevaugh Dyce and Mario Morris.

Mandeville, Manchester:

In a world where some young men are looked upon as contributing to society's growing maladies, the all-male a capella group, The Emeralds, is stepping out and making a change for God, one note at a time.

According to the group's manager, Ragjhon Brown, the diverse backgrounds and ideologies of each member can only become one when they come together to unlock the spirit of ministry that lies within their hearts.

"It's not just about bringing the crowd in a session of jam, but in a season of worship, to the amazing transformation that occurs when the group ministers."

There are currently five active members in the group: Shane Cole, who sings bass; Mario Morris, who specialises in baritone; Miguel Britton sings second tenor and does vocal percussion; Jevauhn Dyce does likewise and sings tenor; and Rajae Danvers does first tenor and lead.

Additionally, Keverly Henry works as the group's technician and Shennice Harris handles the social media platforms for the group.




But how did such a group come about, and what was the inspiration behind its formation?

"The group started nine years ago with four members: Travis, Miguel, Mario and Ortega, who all attended the same church. The singing talent was strong among these guys, and one day, they blended their voices and the windows of heaven were opened," said a jocund Jevaughn Dyce.

It was there that the guys decided to form a group and they named it The Hebrew Boys.

"In search for a better name, they then came up with Twilight, then Lighthouse, and finally came to rest with Emeralds, all under the management of Keverly Henry. I replaced Ortega, and Shane, the cousin of Miguel, was added a month after. As the years went by, the group, in 2014 and 2015, added Tevin and Rajae Danvers," Dyce further explained.

According to Dyce, the name Emeralds is as a result of the reading of Rev. 21:19.

"The emerald is one of the 12 stones used in the walls of the New Jerusalem, and it is the group's greatest desire to make it to that new city while using our ministry as a beacon to shine the light of the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to a dark and wayward world corrupted by sin."




The group has performed on several stages locally with world-renowned acts and is in high demand in a number of parishes across the island. It has also performed for shows on national TV.

"The group will be diversifying its portfolio by adding to its collection a wide range of medleys and reproduction of popular song that will bring blessings to your life," said Brown

With a staging of The Emeralds in Concert set for early next year, the group is also expected to take first tour in the very near future.

"The year end will culminate with the Emeralds A capella Annual Football competition where a capella groups from different churches will come to one central place and play for that top spot. Part proceeds from the competition will be used to host a treat for a children's home, where the group will put needed items together; and also host a mini concert as our way of giving back to the less fortunate," Brown ended.

The group may be reached at and (876) 813-1500.