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Education needs values and principles - Pastor

Published:Monday | April 10, 2017 | 12:00 AMOkoye Henry

Western Bureau:

Pastor Wesley Boynes, president of the Jamaica Independent Schools Association (JISA), said that despite the increase in local academic achievements, the society is still plagued by a breakdown in moral values and principles.

Boynes pointed out that parents, schools and even churches have neglected their duty to promote and instil moral responsibilities in the country's future generations.

"At this point in our time, people are passing more exams but they are more rotten, as you can hardly trust people again," the pastor told The Gleaner following the recent launch of the JISA/Caribbean Producers Jamaica Limited invitational meet in Montego Bay, St James.

Boynes called on stakeholders to not only work to get more students certified, but also to refocus efforts on positive character development and values for the youth.

"When we certify all the kids and we don't teach them these values, then our education process is a waste of time. I go to prison to visit people and there are a lot of bright persons in there. Some of the most educated people are in prison right now," said Boynes, who is also chairman of North Gate High School in St Ann.




"I would like to see the Church in particular take up these responsibilities in schools. To hold schools close to them and make sure that values are taught to the children," added Boynes.

According to the pastor, it is for this reason why the upcoming 2017 JISA/PJ invitational meet in Montego Bay will be promoted under the theme, 'Go beyond the win. Take time to be kind.'

"We have to renew our focus on how we educate our children, and that is why this meet is packaged as a values-based sporting event," Boynes said.