Fri | Sep 22, 2017

Say Yes for Yezz

Published:Monday | April 10, 2017 | 4:00 AMDanielle Mullings

One brand you may not have heard of, and need to, is Yezz (pronounced Yes-zz). This week, I will be looking at the Yezz Andy 5M LTE, which was launched in November 2016. This is a budget-friendly smartphone with high-end features that could easily compete with a premium Android phone.

Yezz 5M LTE specifications

• Android OS, Lollipop (v5.1)

n Dual micro sim

n Display: 5 inches with HD

n Resolution (1280 * 720 pixels)

n Camera: Rear - 13.1MP

n LED flash ; Front - 5MP

n LED Notifications

n Battery : 2200mAh

n RAM : 1GB

n Internal Memory : 8GB

n CPU: Quad-core 1GHz Cortex A53

n Micro SD card support

n Proximity sensor

n 4G capabilities

Quick fun fact - Yezz makes two versions of all their phone models, called Andy and Billy. Andy represents the Android OS version and Billy represents the Windows OS version.

Call quality

The Andy 5M LTE is a dual-sim phone. That being said, calls were clear on both local networks. However, when using a data plan, you won't be able to simultaneously make a call and surf the Internet.

When putting the phone to my ear, calls were loud and clear as I had no trouble hearing the person on the other end. However, if you are in a loud setting, avoid using the average speaker phone and just put the phone to your ear. Another noteworthy point is that the Yezz is capable of providing 13 hours of talk time.

Rating: 6/10


Generally, I was able to type without much of a problem. The keyboard has the Swype feature in which you can simply move your finger from one letter to another to form words.

At first I was very confused as my emojis were missing but after the keyboard updated itself, the famous Android emojis were added and the option to do Google searches within the keyboard was also added. I did notice, however, that when trying to select any letters at the bottom right hand of the keyboard or pressing the return button, it takes a couple tries for it to work.

Rating: 7/10

Camera Quality

Where this is concerned, the Yezz surprised me with its range of features. Not only does its 13.1MP camera boast an option for panorama, but it also has: HDR (High Dynamic Range), multi-angle view mode, live-photo mode, motion track mode and face-beauty Mode. You are also able to have the photo automatically taken by saying 'capture' or 'cheese', though I found the phone to be more responsive to the word 'capture'.

The 5MP front camera, on the other hand, is a bit too zoomed in, so say farewell to any wide angle selfies. One useful feature it had was the gesture capture, where you can put up two fingers and the camera will countdown two seconds and then take the photo.

As a camera fanatic, the wide-range of features immediately appealed to me, but the quality of photos with the front camera was not impressive.

Rating: 7/10


At five inches with 1280 x 720 pixels of HD resolution, everything viewed on it looks clear. The screen could definitely be sharper but for the price, this is good quality. The 5M LTE does a great job of showing videos and pictures; however, in direct sunlight, you will have a hard time seeing what is on the screen without maximising the brightness.

Rating: 6/10

Build quality

and design

The overall design of the Andy 5M LTE slightly resembles that of an iPhone combined with the typical Android menu buttons. The sleek and compact design of the phone appeals to the average user as the silver lining of the edges give it a metallic look though the back cover is plastic.

Whilst fitting snug in the hand, the phone manages to feel sturdy and of good quality. The Andy 5M LTE also feels smooth, so much so that it seems somewhat easy to slip from your hands.

Rating: 7/10


With 1GB of RAM, the Yezz is more suited for a low-powered user as it is not the snappiest phone for intense usage. It easily withstands the common phone call and running one or two apps, but when under more high-powered usage, like gaming or running five applications, it starts to overheat and the quad core processor slows down.

As it pertains to battery, the Yezz has superb battery life and is easily able to last throughout a day.

Rating: 5/10

Additional features

I felt it would be unfair not to note some other features that Yezz has included in this phone. The Andy 5M LTE can be scheduled to turn on or off at whichever time of the day you specify, or set to not send you any notifications during a specified period of the day. The Yezz also has 'BesAudEnh', which I found to be very impressive. When enabled, this audio enhancer made listening to music using earphones an absolute joy. The sound was spot on.

Final thoughts

For the price of roughly $18,000, the Yezz is jam-packed with features. The Andy 5M LTE is definitely a game changer for phones in this price range, regardless of its slow speeds when undergoing intensive usage and its dark screen when in direct sunlight.