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Ask the Doc | 15-y-o sleeps in bed with seven-y-o sisters

Published:Tuesday | April 11, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Q: My sister still has her 15-year-old son sleeping in the same bed with his seven-year-old sisters. Is that appropriate?

A: I think that the girls should have their own bed. Your sister may need help to purchase a bed. Ask her if you can help.

Q: Are there any programmes in Jamaica for children who are deaf with bad vision problems?

A: Please contact the Salvation Army School for the Blind. They will guide you.

Q: My eight-year-old son lost his father last December, and I am six months pregnant for my new boyfriend, who is moving in soon. Is this too early for my son?

A: You need to sit with your son and let him know what will be happening. You may expect that your son may desire that your boyfriend play a father role in his life. If you can, please go to a counsellor to discuss the issues that may become concerns.

- Orlean Brown-Earle, PhD, is a child psychologist and family therapist. Dr Brown-Earle works with children with learning and behavioural problems throughout the island and in the Caribbean. Email questions to editor@gleanerjm.com or send to 'Ask the Doc', c/o The Gleaner Company, 7 North Street, Kingston. Responses to concerns are to be considered as general as cases shared with psychologists privately would be queried more deeply. Pray always!