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Opposition concerned about amendments to CMI university status bill

Published:Thursday | April 13, 2017 | 6:38 AM
Opposition spokesman on transport Dr Morais Guy.

There was opposition yesterday to a recommendation for the council that supervises the operations of the Caribbean Maritime Institute to consult with the portfolio minister before making board appointments.

This was the recommendation of the Senate which returned the bill to give the CMI the university status to the Lower House of Parliament for amendment before approval.

Minister of Transport and Mining, Mike Henry, whose ministry has portfolio responsibility for the institute and who piloted the amended bill in Parliament, agreed with the amendments proposed by the Senate and suggested that the bill be passed on that basis.

However, the Opposition spokesman on transport Dr Morais Guy objected, pointing out that the council needs to be independent of the political directorate and arguing that it has been doing a good job in governing the operations of the CMI since it was established.


Opposition spokesman on Transport, Dr Morais Guy

However, in responding to Dr Guy's concern, the transport minister explained that the amendments would not affect the council's independence as it will still be the final authority which decides on board appointments.

The bill approving the university status of the CMI was eventually passed by the Lower House.