Sun | Jan 21, 2018

Residents assists with clearing roadway

Published:Wednesday | April 19, 2017 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis Sr

Using unconventional means, residents at Windsor Castle in Portland came out in large numbers, yesterday to assist with the clearing and removal of debris along that main thoroughfare.

Overnight rain, which pelted the parish for the better part of nine hours, resulted in a nearby river overflowing its banks. The overflowed river also dumped stones, dirt, sand, and other forms of debris unto that main road, causing a blockade from as early as 3 a.m.




And as a result of the blockage, vehicular traffic was held up for several hours, triggering a quick response from residents, who came out in large number with shovels, buckets, picker, hoe, fork, and wheel barrow, to assist with the clearing away efforts.

"We saw it necessary to assist with the clearing of this roadway," commented 54-year-old Ruddy Hemmings, who spoke on behalf of the residents.

Hemmings added, "This is the main thoroughfare leading to Annotto Bay in the West and Port Antonio in the East. This is a true reflection of community spirit and unity, as we all joined together, having learnt of blockage caused by heavy rain.

People just kept joining in, without giving any thought of being compensated. So far we are able to clear one lane, which is open to vehicular traffic."

According to Hemmings, it is not the first time that the nearby river has overflowed its banks, as in 2005, a similar situation occurred, whereby large boulders and tree trunks were dumped along that thoroughfare - resulting in vehicular traffic being held up for approximately 12 hours.

And following the dispatching of heavy-duty equipment to the area by the National Works Agency, shortly after 11a.m., to remove the remaining stones, sand, and other debris, that roadway is now open to two way traffic.

Meanwhile, the parish continues to experience unfavourable weather conditions, which started on Thursday of last week.