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Steve Lyston | Honour determines your future

Published:Monday | April 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Simpson Miller

Many of the problems we are now facing in our society are the result of a lack of honour and a great deal of dishonour to replace it. Honour begins within the home and regardless of the various systems different individuals or entities want to implement - whether the legal system, the New Age Movement or anyone else - the real change for better will not take place until honour and the value of honour is restored.

The Bible commands us to honour God, honour our parents, honour government, honour elders, honour leaders and honour widows. These are critical for blessings. The Bible reminds us that honour brings blessings and dishonour brings curses. If you want to see the levels of dishonour being shown on a daily basis, you can catch a quick glimpse of it on mainstream or social media. You will even see the level of dishonour being shown by columnists, lobbyists/social activists to honourable people. We need to recognise that even when people have fallen, you must honour them. Regardless of their political, social or educational background, where honour is due it ought to be given. We have seen politicians being shown great dishonour publicly, for example, The Honourable Portia Simpson Miller, The Honourable Bruce Golding and President Donald Trump. Even young politicians, on the political platform, show dishonour with their disrespectful statements about their colleagues or opponents, and the crowd would laugh or shout in support without realising that the dishonour shown could cancel their very future.




When an activist even shows dishonour to a man of God and people laugh, even if the man of God is guilty, this can bring a curse and wipe out their future.

Growing up in the country, we dare not call an elder within the community a nickname. The entire community would discipline us. Today, we see people dishonouring the police, teachers, each other, and getting support from the society. Members of the police force also show levels of dishonour to the public, and particularly to some elders in the public, when they should stand up in reverence to them. One thing about the army, it is one of the few remaining institutions that teach people to honour. Every man has to pay compliment to each other. I pray they will never allow external factors and lobbyists to break down the system of honour that exists in the army.

... Honour church leaders

Have you ever seen how people rhyme and mock church leaders, or even God's word when it is pronounced? In the Bible, everyone that brings dishonour always experiences retribution? David's wife, Michal, dishonoured him by criticising him - she became barren. Moses' sister dishonoured him by criticising him - she became plagued with leprosy. Elisha was dishonoured by a group of youth who mocked him and called him names. They were killed - eaten by a bear.

The ineffectiveness of many intercessors within the Church is the result of dishonouring their leaders. Every good leader within the Church must receive double honour (I Timothy 5: 17). Praying for the Church, the leaders and the nation while tearing them down - gossiping about and undermining them at the same time - brings dishonour, which brings hardship and suffering on many of them.

When leaders look down on or curse the poor, the weak and those with disabilities, then a curse is released on them (Leviticus 19: 14). "You shall not revile God, nor curse a ruler of your people." (Exodus 22: 28)

... Blessings for honour

Every successful person, whether in the Bible or in life today, has at some point in their life or career, extended honour where it was due and has reaped the benefits of it.

Honour promotes you and extends your life. It allows your borders to be extended and releases great blessings and deliverance (I Chronicles 4).

Honour brings favour and direction, particularly to political leaders. If the leaders were honouring God by listening and obeying His word, we would not be on the path of decline we are currently on.

Honour brings great financial blessing (Proverbs 3: 8 - 9). When we honour Him, great blessings will result.

Honour brought a simple woman named Ruth into becoming a billionaire by honouring her mentor, Naomi. There are many men and women who are in great organisations - whether secular, church or political; but they are unable to receive from the leader they serve because they curse them on a daily basis. Some even expose their leaders in order to receive recognition.

Never trust a person who doesn't honour their leader.

What we need to do is get back to basics if we want to see change in our society. In teaching and practising honour, that is what decides your future.