Sat | Sep 22, 2018

Still no timeline for apology to West Kingston residents affected by 2010 operation

Published:Tuesday | April 25, 2017 | 9:00 AM

There is still no timeline on when Prime Minister Andrew Holness will offer an apology to the residents of West Kingston arising from the May 2010 deadly police-military operation.

Last September, Justice Minister Delroy Chuck indicated that the apology was being crafted and would be delivered in a matter of weeks.

The delivery of an apology is one of the 15 recommendations put forward by the West Kingston Commission.

In an update, Chuck told The Gleaner that there’s no settled date yet for Prime Minister Holness to make the apology.

He cited the Prime Minister’s busy schedule and the need to prioritise.


Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck

In making the recommendation, the Commission stated that a public apology is necessary in order to assuage the hurt feelings, bitterness, and resentment of the people of West Kingston, and, with a view to promoting restorative justice and bringing closure to this sorry chapter in Jamaica's history.

Speaking after making a parliamentary apology last month for the 1963 Coral Gardens incident in which the State oversaw the use of violence against members of the Rastafarian community, Prime Minister Holness said he was looking forward to making the apology.