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Construction project management course at JC forging ahead

Published:Tuesday | April 25, 2017 | 11:51 AM
Land surveyor Ian Johnson gets technical with Jamaica College students
Ian Johnson, land surveyor, explaining the 'Total Station' to the Jamaica College boys

The Construction Project Management Course at Jamaica College (JC), sponsored by Gore Developments Limited (GDL) and with Gore Family Foundation (GFF) coordinating, is now hosting its fourth session and moving along at a

brisk pace.

Already, the enthusiastic students have been briefed thoroughly on construction project management by Dr Claire Sutherland, "schooled" in architecture by Doris Gross, after which Peter Jervis took over as he imparted his considerable expertise on civil engineering.

The course has now progressed to the topic of land surveying, as outlined by commissioned land surveyor, Ian Johnson, a JC old boy himself, and one who is more than happy to give back to his alma mater. Every Tuesday, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the JC boys, who are very keen on learning all there is to know about the topic.

At the March 21 session, Johnson treated the boys to a demonstration on exactly how a total station works, a vital piece of equipment used in land surveying and which was met with keen interest by all class members.

According to Johnson, the students were "young gentlemen, being very mannerly, attentive and engaging".


Every week, the boys appoint a student whose job it is to take notes on what was learnt in each class. One of the students is also on hand to act as the weekly 'Google Manager', assigned to research the pertinent online links provided for all aspects on the particular topics discussed in every session.

GDL/GFF keeps abreast of the course via the students' reporting.

The beginning of the summer term will broach the all-important topic of quantity surveying. This aspect of the course will be undertaken by Errol Spence of Berkeley & Spence, well known and established in their chosen field.

During the school's summer holidays, GDL, in cooperation with Jamaica College, is planning for the students to do a two-week stint on-site at the Phoenix Park Housing Scheme at Dunbeholden, Portmore. Under close supervision, the boys will get some first-hand, practical knowledge of how an actual development is planned and constructed so as to properly round off the construction project management course.