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Eight alleged scammers extradited under heavy security

Published:Wednesday | April 26, 2017 | 10:57 AM

The five male and three female alleged Jamaican lottery scammers charged by the United States on a 66-count indictment have now been extradited.

They are: police constable Jason Jahalal, Alrick McLeod, O'Neil Brown, Dario Palmer, Kazrae Gray, Kimberly Hudson, Xanu-Ann Morgan and Dahlia Hunter.

The eight were flown from the Norman Manley International Airport a short while ago after a lengthy processing by local and US law enforcement authorities ‎at the police post at the Kingston-based facility.

The Jamaicans will be flown on a three-hour flight to Oklahoma ‎where they will undergo immigration processing before continuing on a two-hour flight to North Dakota.

There was heavy security at the airport as the alleged scammers were processed.

While that was happening, US Ambassador to Jamaica Luis Moreno  delivered an ominous warning to Jamaicans who are involved in the lottery scam.

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Moreno revealed that a special taskforce established by US authorities to crack down on the advance fee or lottery scam has "thousands of cases under investigation".

"Expect hundreds of extraditions," he said.