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24-year-old Mandeville woman gets three-month prison sentence on extortion conviction

Published:Thursday | April 27, 2017 | 2:34 PM
Careba Salmon, 24, and her co-accused Sheila Smith, 64, being escorted from the Manchester Parish Court.
Kenric White being escorted from the Manchester Parish Court

MANDEVILLE Manchester:
Twenty-four-year-old Careba Salmon has been sentenced to three months in prison at hard labour on extortion offences.

Salmon, who on April 5 pleaded guilty to six counts of extortion and six counts of conspiracy to extort was sentenced by parish Judge Desiree Alleyene in the Manchester Parish Court this morning.

Last Friday, her attorney, Joel Nelson, had pleaded for leniency for the mother of a five-year-old son saying she got involved after being approached to edit extortion letters that were to be distributed to Manchester business people.

He said Salmon did not conceptualise the plot to extort the business people but was asked to edit the letters because of her proficiency in the English Language.

Nelson also said when his client questioned the purpose of the letter, she was told that she along with her family members would be killed if she did not comply.

Through further investigations based on text and social media messages, Kenric White, a prisoner identified as the mastermind behind the extortion ring, was intercepted and charged with six counts of extortion and conspiracy to extort.

White who made a court appearance on Wednesday April 26, is said to have received help from workers at the maximum security facility where he has been serving a 12-year prison sentence.

He is set to return to court on May 3 along with co-accused: 64-year-old Sheila Smith of Free Town Clarendon; 21-year-old Beko March also of Free Town; 21-year-old Keeno Powell and 20-year-old Sandre Bogle both of Top Hill, Manchester.