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Help me, please! - Hanover mother of four makes home at abandoned school

Published:Thursday | April 27, 2017 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell Livingston
Tanisha Daley

Thirty-five-year-old mother of four, Tanisha Daley, is trying hard to work with the hand she has been dealt.

A resident of Senior district in Hanover, the abandoned Senior Primary School is where she has been living for the last seven years, along with her children now 18, 16, 13, and nine.

Unemployed, she sometimes receives assistance from her mother, but Daley wants better for herself and her children.

"It's very hard to find work where I live and I have no money to travel to get work," she told Rural Xpress.

With her struggles to put food on the table, Daley said the children attend school whenever she has money.

"Most days, there's no food or money, so we stay home and do what we have to," she said.

"Being in an abandoned building with two teenage daughters is scary. I worry about being assaulted. I worry about my children's safety. The windows and doors are broken and not secure. The building leaks and we have a red-ant infestation," she said about their living conditions.

Many nights, she said, they are bitten by the ants while sleeping, forcing her go to the hospital for infections.

The ants, she said, are everywhere - in the walls and floors.

"Imagine what it's like to have no money and have children looking at you," she said.

The children's father is not in the picture, but Daley's faith has remained firm. Even through her hardships, she is convinced one day she will get the help she so desperately needs.

"I keep faith. I have gotten help in the past and sporadically, but it's still a struggle," she shared.




Daley said she has now passed the breaking point in thinking about the situation. These days, she hangs on to faith.

"I'm frustrated, but I have to keep holding on for my children's sake," she said.

Looking ahead, Daley said her dream would come true if she is aided to get out of the ant-infested school, a place she moved into thinking it would have been a temporary solution.

"I would like help getting a house on the land my mother gave me years ago. When I was with my husband, he started a house. It's only the foundation and two and a half walls. If Food For The Poor could get me a little house on that land to keep my family safe, it would be a blessing," she pleaded, adding that she is still looking a job and is prepared to tackle any manageable task.

"I'm at a point where I'm destitute and desperate," is the heartfelt plea of Daley.

Anyone interested in helping Tanisha Daley can call her at 1-876-261-4050 or Shena Carty at 1-518-812-3398.