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United Church in Jamaica and The Cayman Islands to take a stand

Published:Sunday | April 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM
A placard-bearing member of the United Church in Jamaica and The Cayman Islands symbolising its stance against the negative issues in the society.

The United Church in Jamaica and The Cayman Islands (UCJCI) is sending a strong message to both countries in which it operates, that it is determined to take a stand against some of the major issues affecting the people.

The church has identified six negative issues in society that it will stand publicly against.

They are crime and violence, corruption and lawlessness, sexual abuse and exploitation, modern slavery and human trafficking, injustice and oppression, and exclusion and ostracism.




According to the church, the evidence shows that these factors are destructive forces in the society, and it needs to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to stand against issues that destroy human lives and the things that devalue who we are in Christ.

This message was a central plank of the recently concluded 40th Synod of the UCJCI, which was held from April 24-27 at the Kendal Conference Centre in Manchester under the theme 'Renewal and Transformation: Discipleship for Life'.

The UCJCI said that it would be taking a missional approach by engaging with the glaring issues that are in both societies.

It believes that as a church, it has a duty to be honest and true, especially in the face of recent cases, where the church is at fault.

The UCJCI said that it wants to have a credible voice in the society that identifies these evils and says no to them.

At the same time, the UCJCI said it would highlight the positive things in the society that it embraces and wants people to follow.

These include accountability and responsibility, education and industry, integrity and truth, justice and righteousness, love and compassion, and peace and reconciliation.

The 40th Synod of the UCJCI saw the Right Reverend L. Christopher Mason being installed for a second term as moderator.

Mason, a long-standing minister of the gospel, has served as pastor for several congregations, including Portmore United Church, where he currently leads the flock.

He is also a member of the Portmore Ministers' Fraternal and a past chairman of the National Prayer Breakfast Committee.