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Tech Times | Three-legged Tripod Speaker

Published:Monday | May 8, 2017 | 12:00 AMDanielle Mullings




- Stereo 3.5mm jack

- Operates on two AA batteries or AC power adapter

- AUX port

- Three speakers


Audio Quality


This speaker is built for personal use. As a result, the audio is clear for optimum use within the range of your bedroom. The speaker can be used for playing music while studying or while in your kitchen cooking. The main idea is that you need to be close to the speaker to hear it at its best. Alternatively, if the speaker is to be used in a loud setting such as that of a house party, the maximum volume would not suffice. In addition, at maximum volume, the audio quality is significantly decreased as static and white noise begin to permeate the sound. However, I found that if you adjust the volume of your MP3 player or connected device to about halfway and then maximise the volume of the speaker, the resulting audio quality is fine.



Modes of Connection


There are two modes of connection for this speaker, though both utilise the same 3.5mm stereo jack. The user is given the option of connecting to his device using the 3.5mm cord provided or to connect directly to the 3.5mm jack on the top of the device. These modes allow the speaker to work with virtually any device. Smaller and less weighty devices (e.g. phones and MP3 players) can be connected on top of the speaker, while larger devices (e.g., laptops and tablets) can be connected via the cord. As a recommendation, Bluetooth would have been a useful additional mode of connection for this speaker.



Battery Life


The Tripod Speaker operates on two AA batteries or AC power. The AC power cord is not included with the device and so I was only able to test the battery life when the two AA batteries are used. I have had this speaker on for over six hours and it is still running. I assume it is able to last this long on AA batteries because it is does not have power-intensive features like Bluetooth and FM radio. It is important to note that the AC power would require the device to be always plugged in when used as it has no internal rechargeable battery.



Design and Build Quality


This speaker is slightly shorter than a bottle of soda and, as such, delivers where portability is concerned. The speaker is able to fold three legs outwards, hence the name tripod. Each leg has a speaker and so the resulting sound is a combination of the three. The volume controls, AC port, on/off button and AA battery compartment are all located on the underside of one of the legs.

The device does not feel very sturdy and as a result, I was a bit sceptical about the speaker's ability to withstand much weight on top.

It is clearly built for small iPods and MP3 players even though it was able to manage my chunky Samsung phone. Additionally, I got the feeling that I should be careful when folding out the legs because it may easily break at the hinges.



Final Thoughts


This is ideal for any music lover or person who listens to a lot of videos and needs an audio boost for his laptop. The sound will be clear once it is not at the maximum level and so it is okay for daily use. The Tripod Speaker is most suitable for personal, close-up use. Remember that this speaker operates on batteries. Therefore, be prepared to buy some AAs if you don't have an AC power adapter.

Price: Now $995

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