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Footprints | Baldwin Stewart - Avid sports fan gone to cheer elsewhere

Published:Tuesday | May 9, 2017 | 12:19 AM
Baldwin Stewart

On Sunday, December 18, in the Grace Funeral Chapel in Lauderhill in Florida, family, relatives, friends, former co-workers, and associates met to celebrate the life of Baldwind Stewart, born in Priory, St Ann.

He attended York Castle High School in the parish, and the College of Arts, Science and Technology (now UTech) in St Andrew. After college, he migrated to Florida, where he lost the fight with myeloma on the morning of December 10 last year.

For 20 years, up to his passing, Baldwin 'Pops' Stewart worked with the South Florida Courier Systems, where he was elevated to principal member.

At his farewell, he was remembered as "an avid sports fan", a loud supporter of the Miami Heat, and "a maven on the tennis court, tiring and retiring many a player who dared to challenge him".

Kalookie was also one of his passions. He was eulogised by Donovan Thomas as "the person who celebrated the joys in your life, while remaining steadfastly in your corner through sorrow or distress".




A general tribute was read by Richard Sutherland, who also spoke on behalf of some people who could not attend. They remembered Stewart as a "gentle, sweet, generous, and kind, very dear, respectful" man. To Rohan McCalla, he was "a very warm and nice person". His godson, Jhoaquim Allen, said that he was the best uncle anyone could have asked for.

"I just want to say thank you wholeheartedly for stepping up to the plate when my mother asked you to be my godfather. Not only did you not hesitate, but you have been that and so much more to me ... I have so many cherished memories ... I will never, ever forget you," Allen's tribute read.

Stewart was extolled as "an intensely passionate individual" who had "the biggest heart you would ever see". Yet, he also had "the softest spot for family and those closest in his life", including his mother - affectionately known as Miss Tai; wife, Carol; brothers Joe and Derland; sister, Dell; son, Stephen; and grandchildren Javin and Johara.