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Briefing | Scarce Commodity pushing Ja's cannabis industry forward

Published:Wednesday | May 10, 2017 | 12:00 AMDr Andre Haughton
Dr Andre Haughton and Sueling Dawkins from Scarce Commodity at the Scarce Awards function.
Professor Clarement Kirton presenting the award for Best Cannabis Edibles to Mel from Mel’s Tree Eats. At left is Dickie Crawford from the Ganja Growers and Producers Association of Jamaica.

The Scarce Awards, held on the Weekend of May 7, at the Annuals Gazebo at the Royal Hope Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica, was truly amazing. Everyone came out looking spectacular, donning their royal ancient garments from the East. Patrons were welcomed by a proper green-gold carpet in a nice, relaxing garden atmosphere. All six winners of the Scarce Commodity Jamaica 4/20 Cannabis Cup were provided with booths to display their winning products for everyone to sample, view, scrutinise and provide 'feed forward' (not feedback) on the marketing potential of these products, as well as have key discussions to put plans in place to increase the marketability of Jamaica's cannabis industry.

Scarce Commodity is paving the way by providing a platform where Jamaican cannabis/ganja and its products can be viewed by the rest of the world. Cannabis solutions are important if the nation's cannabis industry is to develop sufficiently to compete with the rest of the world. In this regard, Scarce Commodity is established to provide consulting and cannabis business solution services to household, business and governments in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Our team of experts have more than 20 years of research experience in the global business of cannabis. The services are broken down as follows:

Household: Households are allowed to group five plants per crop cycle by law; Scarce Commodity will provide technical services - from the seed to the flower. They will help to design your grow area, source your equipment, and increase your knowledge and skill of the growth process. Speak to one of our consultants today by logging on to or call us at 876-421-5939

Businesses: For soil creators, seed germinators, growers, makers of cannabis by-products, Scarce Commodity has designed a proper package to provide the right cannabis business solution to suit all your requirements. Our team of experts will help you maximise your returns from your grow area. We will also provide advice on the best approach to maximise your potential from the industry.

Government: Scarce Commodity will also provide consulting services to government and/or its ministries, department and agencies who want to get a better understanding of the local and global marijuana industry trends and activities. Results from research conducted by the Scarce Commodity field team have indicated that the Government and most of its ministries, department and agencies are not exposed to the happenings and developments of the local cannabis industry because local cannabis/ganja interests do not view them as trustworthy. As a result, they are kept in the blind spot most of the times and are only exposed to minimal information. They are also ignorant of most of the developments in the international cannabis industries.

Loud cannabis discussion in Ja Parliament, you could hear a pin drop!


Where is the industry headed?


Canada has issued an advisory that they will be legalising cannabis in the summer of 2017 for all purposes, including recreational. Canada has been a leader in the cannabis industry for more than four decades conducting extensive research, setting up cannabis establishments and constantly evolving their cannabis laws and regulatory framework to suit the needs of Canadian citizens. Their charismatic prime minister is destined to connect with this generation. In the meantime, if you drop a pin in the middle of the Jamaican Parliament's cannabis discussion you can hear it; everything is silent - no paper shuffling around, no legislation being enacted, no serious pen to paper, everybody either caught up with their own personal biases/beliefs and/or still trying to figure out how to increase their own personal gain through the backdoor before anything serious really happens for the nation and the region.


What is the Jamaican Government doing?


Since the late 1970s and '80s, Jamaica has not been blessed with caring, sensible, charismatic leaders who make the effort to fully understand the significance of empowering the people of the country they so desire to lead. Leaders must understand the path, process, fundamentals and dynamics of economic development to make the correct decisions and choices to improve Jamaica's role in the global geo-economics environment. The high level of selfishness, pretence and lack of technical know-how demonstrated by most of the people representing the nation in Parliament are becoming overwhelming for the nation to bear. In the abundance of water, a fool is thirsty; or has Jamaica turned into a true nation without sovereignty, without true patriotism and care for the poor and underprivileged? Here, everyone is trying to earn as much as they can to directly take care of themselves and their families. It is never to take care of their communities and the country in general so that everyone can get the opportunity to do the same. If you are not a foreign investor hosting fancy cocktail parties to wine and dine these politicians and political interests, you cannot get anything done in this country and your business is not really entertained.