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Health Ministry issues tips following flood rains

Published:Wednesday | May 17, 2017 | 10:29 AM

The health ministry has issued several tips to be observed following flood rains.

Persons are being advised not to go outside unnecessarily and wear water boots or closed shoes if doing so.

Persons should also wear gloves when clearing debris or handling dirty water.

In addition, adults should not allow children to play in the floodwater or any other dirty or stagnant water.

Meanwhile, Jamaicans are being advised to seek medical help if they get a puncture wound or cut.

The health ministry is also reminding that water may become contaminated after heavy rainfall and flooding.

Water can be made safe by treating with household bleach or by boiling.

Meanwhile, the ministry says dead animals should be buried as soon as possible after the rains subside.

Persons are urged to report any potential health hazards, such as open graves, broken sewage main and chemical spills, to the Parish Health Department immediately.