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LASCO serves up enriching session at school wellness seminar

Published:Friday | May 19, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Students from Red Hills Primary enjoy their goodie bags from the Environmental Health Foundation (EHF) at the LASCO-sponsored EHF Schools Wellness Club seminar on Tuesday, May 8 at Eden Gardens, St Andrew.

The Environmental Health Foundation (EHF) recently hosted its wellness seminar, culminating a year of projects that promote healthy lifestyle among schoolchildren.

Members of the EHF Schools Wellness Club participated in an interactive session on the importance of having a healthy breakfast, by LASCO promoter Chivell Fitter, who urged them to join the healthy breakfast club.

She reminded the children that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, providing them with energy to learn and play.

Students from various primary and prep schools were quizzed on ways to utilise the six food groups to make a healthy breakfast. They also participated in activities using LASCO breakfast products.


Importance of breakfast


"We truly wanted to communicate to the students the importance of a breakfast. At LASCO, we assist schools in need through our breakfast programme because we are aware how positively breakfast affects a student's performance in school and their general well-being," said Krishta-Gay Harewood, brand manager, LASCO Distributors.

"We are hoping that the session today highlighted how easy it is to have a delicious and nutritious breakfast with LASCO," Harewood said.


Health awareness


Under the theme, 'Future Leaders Actively Engage in Wellness", the EHF Schools Wellness Club aims to contribute to the well-being of school staff, the creation of healthy school environments, and the maximisation of school achievement through increased awareness of wholesome health practices, knowledge expansion and prudent financial management.

"Children are our future leaders, and we cannot just look at one aspect of development, because if they don't develop themselves, our nation is not going to achieve the growth and development that we need," said Faradaine Edwards, project manager at EHF.

The wellness club members include primary, prep and secondary-school students who develop and implement activities in their schools and communities relating to the topics of community and environment, health promotion and wellness, financial and wealth creation, fitness and sports, and creative and artistic development.

Some of the activities undertaken by students include productions, exhibitions, poetry and poster competitons, as well as special projects such as caring for a vegetable garden. Competition winners are awarded at the seminar.

"We love to bring them together to see what the others are doing in their schools. So we entertain and educate," Edwards said.