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Growth & Jobs | Norton Taylor - A passionate entrepreneur

Published:Tuesday | May 23, 2017 | 12:02 AM
Norton Taylor (centre) in discussion with his management team from left: Neil Taylor, general manager; Denise Logan, administrative assistant; Andre Annakie, project supervisor and Jason Taylor, operations manager.
From left: Norton Taylor with Enviro-Tech team members Tanya McCarthy and Kimarley Wilson.

Norton Taylor, president and chief executive officer of Enviro-Tech Properties Limited, is guided in life by the motto, "Whatever you are doing, you must always do it to the utmost, or the best of your ability."

Taylor said this maxim was instilled in him by his father. It influenced him to carve out his own niche and, eventually, to become an entrepreneur.

Armed with a degree in marketing from the New York University in the United States of America (USA), Taylor worked for many years in fields such as director of sales promotion at Arno Press, the Book and Library Service Division of the New York Times Company, and for the former Jamaica National Export Corporation in Kingston.

However, he was not satisfied with simply working for others. His entrepreneurial instincts emerged and he established his first company, Star Apple Fashions Limited, a manufacturer of garments for export to CARICOM and the USA under the 807 tariff nomenclature.

The company did well for 10 years and employed 160 persons by 1981 but, like other companies in that industry, it went under in the 1980s.

"During the recession of the '80s, our overseas clients went belly up and the challenges were too many to overcome," the former Calabar High School student revealed.

However, his entrepreneurship was not dampened and in 1992, he migrated to Florida in the USA, where he started Enviro-Tech Cleaning Systems Inc., a janitorial company providing property management and maintenance services to companies in Broward and Dade counties.

Subsequently, the urge to re-establish his roots in his homeland resurfaced and in 2002, he expanded Enviro-Tech to Jamaica, gaining his first contract from the Jamaica National Building Society, now JN Bank, the flagship of the JN Group of Companies.

During the past 15 years, Enviro-Tech's client portfolio grew to include other companies, but its primary contract was with the JN Group.

"We did not want to spread our wings too thin. We know what was required by our clients and we focused in delivering quality service," he pointed out.

Hard work, personalised service pay off


Today, the Enviro-Tech Properties Limited employs 125 persons. And, Leon Mitchell, chief marketing and sales officer of the Jamaica National Group, said that the services provided by Norton Taylor has been exemplary.

"Norton's service to the JN Group is outstanding. We are happy that we have a service provider who not only provides excellent service through his hard-working team, but is also a member of the JN Bank," said Mitchell.

Taylor said that his commitment to JN was "grounded and rooted," given that his father was a member of the Manchester Mutual Building Society, which was one of several building societies that merged to become JNBS.

He also participated in on-the-ground work for the opening of the JN Money Services' (JNMS) Florida Representative Office and, in 2014, was recognised by JN, along with others, for being long time supporters of JN and JNMS.

"Norton Taylor and other Jamaicans were instrumental in helping us to build a platform on which important connections were made daily with members of the Jamaican community here in Florida," said Earl Jarrett, chief executive officer of the JN Group, when he presented the award in the USA.

"The success of Jamaica National is truly a reflection of Jamaicans working together to make a difference," he added.

Taylor has credited the success of his entrepreneurial ventures to hard work and the support of his family and staff members.

"The key to successful entrepreneurship is to manage and relate to people with respect," he advises budding entrepreneurs. "Be prepared, and know what you are going to do; and most of all, develop your expertise in that business."

"I have a mantra, 'I don't fear competition'. I target my niche market and work very hard to develop companies. I want to be informed, focused, and offer personalised and dedicated service," he added.


Career businessman operates:

- Capital Resource Inc., in Florida.

- Money Shop Express with locations in Florida and Baltimore.

- The Economic Building Products Limited in Jamaica, an infrastructure maintenance, property management and maintenance company.

- Appli-Tex Systems Jamaica Limited, manufacturer of surface coating products.

- Enviro-Tech Properties Limited.