Tue | Feb 20, 2018

NWA to begin work on Clarendon bridges affected by recent rains

Published:Thursday | June 1, 2017 | 4:40 PM

The National Works Agency (NWA) says it has fast-tracked designs and will begin repairs to some of the bridges in Clarendon which were most impacted by the recent flood rains.

The NWA's Communication Manager, Stephen Shaw, says the agency will begin rehabilitative works within the next week to strengthen the structure of those bridges which have been undermined by river action.

Shaw says the Rio Minho Bridge along the Bustamante Highway, the Woodside Bridge from Jacob’s Hut to Pleasant Valley, the Bailey Bridge at Pumpkin, the collapsed box culvert at Dykes Hill, Sanguinetti, and the Green River Bridge in Frankfield are to be given attention.

He adds that the works are being undertaken to prevent further weakening of the structures and to have normalcy returned to the lives of residents in the affected areas as soon as possible.   

The NWA is advising motorists that it is still safe to use the Rio Minho and Pumpkin bridges.

However, the agency says the extent of the damage to the Green River, Woodside and Dykes Hill structures has rendered those roadways impassable.