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JPS dominates at Private Sector Service Excellence Awards

Published:Friday | June 2, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Members of the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) team that won six awards at the Private Sector Service Excellence Awards held at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, New Kingston on Tuesday. From left are: Howard Whitely, customer care Centre supervisor; Allison Haynes-Laraque, customer experience officer; Keith Garvey, vice-president of customer services; and engagement and Gina Tomlinson-Williams, head of customer experience.


The importance of customer service excellence to those at the helm is the formula that has brought the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo) the best large-sized business award for 2016 as well as five of the seven category awards at the Private Sector Service Excellence Awards held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, New Kingston last month.

Conceptualised in 2010, the awards is a collaborative effort between the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) and the Jamaica Customer Service Association (JaCSA) aimed at recognising companies that prioritise service and excel in customer care.

"Without the support of our leadership, I'm not sure we would not have been able to achieve as much," Gina-Tomlinson-Williams, head of customer experience at JPS told The Gleaner.

"They have set the tone by embodying customer service in their own actions and setting the standards and requirements for the rest of us in the organisation and empowering my team to be able to hold the company accountable to the standards we have set and the quality of service delivery to our customers."

At last year's awards, JPSCo was the recipient of a single award, in the category of Monitoring and Measurement for service excellence.

In lauding the consistent efforts of her team, Williams declared that high quality customer service excellence had become a culture at the over a century old power company and pointed to dynamic transformations in operation over the one year period.

"We improved the communication of our service charter and we also bumped up the customer service training. One of the things we've been doing differently is training every single employee who touches a customer. We always benchmark internationally as well, we do not just look at electric utilities, we look outside of our industry. We look at a Disney, the banks who won last year, what did they do differently and we try to incorporate that into our operations," she said.

Williams voiced that the high-quality, full customer service experience would continue long after the departure of current president and chief executive officer, Kelly Tomblin, in July.


...DHL awarded best medium-sized business; empower frontline people, says James

The empowerment of frontline staffers is integral to quality customer service, according to Donovan James, chief executive officer and customer service manager at DHL Jamaica Limited.

James made the declaration to The Gleaner, as DHL claimed the best medium-sized business award along with three category awards at the Private Sector Service Excellence Awards held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston last month.

"Get the people right, and they will take care of the customer. Once customers are satisfied, you'll have a profitable business," said James, who credits team development for the customer service success DHL has reaped.

"We have implemented rewards, recognition, empowerment systems, and the right tools and processes to ensure such excellence."

He further added that once DHL increased its business and market shares, he was optimistic of competing for the large category award.

New Kingston-based transportation company, Knutsford Express, was given a special 'trailblazer' award for its continued customer service excellence.

As no small-sized business met the set standards laid out by the Jamaica Customer Service Association (JaCSA), there was no award recipient for the category.

Keynote speaker Patrick Hylton, Group Managing Director of the National Commercial Bank, implored businesses to model international companies such as Amazon, Disney and Uber from a customer service delivery standpoint.


1. Leadership, Governance and Strategy for Service Excellence - JPS

2. Customer Service, Charter and Standards - JPS

3. Monitoring and Measurement - JPS

4. Recognition and Rewards - JPS

5. International Benchmarks - JPS, DHL

6. Training and Capacity building - DHL

7. Complaint Management - DHL