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Religion & Culture | 'The Dead Zone' - Home of seducing spirits

Published:Sunday | June 4, 2017 | 12:00 AMDr Glenville Ashby
A church member being assisted after being taken over by 'sprits'.

The Greek essayist and biographer, Plutarch, mentioned a sphere that houses restless spirits that prey on the affections of man.

Emmanuel Swedenborg, founder of the New Jerusalem Church, wrote extensively about these wandering, mischievous spirits in the books Heaven and Hell and Arcana Coelestia (Secrets of Heaven).

In the former book, he wrote, "(Seducing spirits) perceive and smell out the affections as dogs do wild beast in the forest. When they perceive good affections, they instantly turn them into evil ones, leading and bending them in a wonderful manner by means of the other delights, and this so secretly and with such malignant skill that the other knows nothing of it."

Dr Carl Wickland, author of Thirty Years among the Dead and founder of the National Psychological Institute in Los Angeles, proved that mental illness was caused by these discarnate souls.

Of these spirits Wickland said, "(they are) the supposed 'devils' of all ages; devils of human origin, by-products of human selfishness, false teachings and ignorance".

And paranormal investigator, Joe Fisher, entertained these beings that masqueraded as ascended masters and spiritual guides until it was too late. He ended his life amid a swirl of suspicion that these sinister beings were at work.

In his classic, The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts, he cautioned against the "might and swiftness of the unseen enemy".

On this compelling subject, Madam Blavatsky noted, "Happy are those who escape as they have neither test nor criterion by which they can distinguish between the true and the false."

In the Bible we learn more of these entities. In Leviticus 19:31, we are advised: "Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards to be defiled by them."

Unfortunately, many Christians mistake these spirits for demons. Ignorance of the invisible worlds has led to confusion as to the true identity of these seducing forces. Familiar spirits can prove to be misleading and even destructive.

However, they must be distinguished from angels, demons and elementals which seldom interfere in the affairs of men unless deliberately invited.


Familiar spirits


In fact, Roman Catholic exorcists attribute only one per cent of possession cases to demons. The remaining 99 per cent is the work of familiar spirits.

A person possessed by familiar spirits does not exhibit precognitive and clairvoyant abilities, nor are they able to speak in multiple languages with the fluency of native speakers. Only a demon-possessed person can display such uncanny feats.

Notably, glossolalia or the gibberish acted out in deliverance services are either caused by hysteria or the work of familiar spirits seeking attention by using the vocal cords of the unsuspecting.

In the article, 'Present-Day Speaking in Tongues', the writer states: "We believe that those sincere Christians who now claim to receive from God through His Holy Spirit the miraculous power to speak in tongues are labouring under a delusion that what they believe to be speaking in tongues is really either the result of extreme emotionalism, often stirred up by a kind of hymn-playing which is much akin to jazz, or that it is directly inspired by the Adversary, who with his assistants, the fallen angels, is quick to take advantage of any means whereby he can ensnare us...". (https://www.biblestandard.com/present-day-speaking-in-tongues.html.)

In Tibetan theology, familiar spirits are called 'pretas' of hungry ghosts, a most fitting description. They occupy the sphere closest to the earthly dimension referred in esoteric teachings as the Lower Astra Plane.

It is home to earthbound spirits or souls that are sordidly attached to the earth plane. They live vicariously through the affections of humans. They influence and make their presence felt in seances, deliverance services, and revivals.




They dupe the gullible feigning to be demons, gods, angels, messengers of God and enlightened beings and spirit guides. But they are nothing more than the riff-raff of the spirit world. They refuse to acknowledge their death and seek out humans to satisfy their skewed desires.

According to Arthur Powell they are, "people who have led an evil life and are filled with yearnings for the earth life they have left, and for the animal delights they can no longer directly taste".

They are the 'voices' behind alcohol, drug and gambling addictions; the 'voices' behind sexual deviance and perversions. They plague and attach themselves to imbibers and recreational drug users opening the doors to addiction. In so doing they satiate their desires.

Familiar spirits take the form of dead relatives, spiritual teachers and renowned personalities that have passed. Others seek to destroy the living, to exact revenge on someone who had wronged them when they were alive.


Seeks to destroy


They are spiritual attachments, vampires that seek pleasure in their duplicity. Indeed there is truth to the dictum: "The devil made me do it."

Our good moral bearing or religious leanings will not guard against these seducing spirits or hungry ghosts. Our best defence is knowledge of spiritual laws.

We must be mindful of our sensibilities. Nature has afforded us a barrier against the spirit world that can only be rendered, knowingly or unknowingly, through our thoughts and actions.

Negative thoughts, indulgences in vices, participation in games of chance, seances, spiritist practices, such as channelling and mediumship, and the use of the Ouija board, pendulums and tarots cards can make us vulnerable to the whisperings and subtle suggestions of these malicious beings.

Victims tormented by seducing spirits can be successfully treated through De-possession and Spirit Release Therapy.

Frankly, the obstreperous banishment of priests and pastors can be ineffectual, counterproductive and psychologically damaging to the afflicted. Cases throughout history have proved that much.

- Dr Glenville Ashby is the author of Anam Cara; Your Soul Friend and Bridge to Enlightenment and Creativity. Feedback: glenvilleashby@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter @glenvilleashby