Wed | Jul 18, 2018

NSWMA head suspects sabotage behind recent fires at disposal sites

Published:Sunday | June 11, 2017 | 11:13 AM
Plumes of smoke coming from a section of the Riverton Dump site recently

The executive director of the National Solid Waste Management Agency (NSWMA), Audley Gordon, has raised concerns that the recent fires at five garbage disposal sites across the island could be acts of sabotage.

Gordon says he plans to meet with the police to share his concerns and to appeal for increased security around all disposal sites.

The NSWMA says in addition to yesterday’s fire at the Riverton City landfill, in St Andrew, there have been four fires at its waste disposal sites in St Elizabeth, St James, St Ann and Portland since April this year.

Gordon acknowledged that it was too early to conclude that the fires were acts of sabotage, but says it would be unfortunate if that was the case.

He says the cost of putting out these fires are significant, noting that the NSWMA has already spent $3 million to put out the blaze that has been burning at the Doctor’s Wood disposal site in Portland since Wednesday.