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Armed robbery at Portland pharmacy, police hunt three suspects

Published:Tuesday | June 20, 2017 | 11:28 AM
Ytecaves Pharmacy, which was robbed by gunmen in Port Antonio, Portland today. – Gareth Davis Sr Photo

‎Gareth Davis, Gleaner Writer

The Portland police are now on the hunt for three men who escaped in a car after conducting an armed robbery at a pharmacy on West Street in Port Antonio, this morning.

The police say shortly before 8:15 a.m., a man entered the Ytecaves Pharmacy and requested an item from one of the attendants. 

As the woman turned to get the item, the man allegedly pulled a hand gun and placed it to her head, while cautioning her to remain quiet.

Shortly after, two other men entered the building and tied up the two female workers, using masking tape. 

The men reportedly bound the arms, legs, and mouths of the women before robbing a variety of items including pharmaceuticals, stationery and an undetermined sum of money.  

The men then left the store and reportedly walked along the side of a drain towards the Marina at West Harbour, where they boarded a waiting grey Nissan Tiida motor car.

Deputy Superintendent of Police O’Neil ‘Merciless’ Thompson, the officer in charge of operations for Portland, says intelligence suggests the criminals are not from the parish.

“We are aware that migrant criminals are finding their way into this parish seeking a safe haven," Thompson said.

But he warned that the police will not tolerate them.

“The police are on the look out for those seeking to disturb the peace and quiet of this peaceful parish. I am urging residents, especially business operators to be more vigilant and to improve on their own security. Any suspicious movement or activity should be reported to us immediately,” he said.

Last year, three other Portland businesses - Taj Pharmacy, a feed store, and a supermarket - were also robbed by armed men during the daytime.