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Footprints | Donald McIntosh a character of strength and wisdom

Published:Tuesday | June 20, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Donald McIntosh

"The mirror of a man's heart is in his actions"

If this is true, then the actions of Donald McIntosh, affectionately called D Mac, reflected a character of strength, wisdom, godliness, and true friendship.

His sojourn through the Business Development and Marketing Department of The Gleaner Company (Media) Limited, though short, has left an adopted family with precious memories not soon forgotten.

We say goodbye with great sorrow, but not without hope of seeing you again Don Mac.

Donald was a stickler for perfection. He was persuasive, persistent and very convincing with his sales skills. He was caring and supported many persons in developing excellent sales strategies. He was one of the few persons you could count on for support in many activities when and where it mattered.

- Dale Dunstan

Donald, you always greeted me with joy.. .Your favourite word for me was " gorgeous". This will remain our inside joke. Walk good, Donald.

- Alison Davis

Donald, Mr Mac, I can still see you standing and working. I was always amazed at that. We believe you will rest well. Condolences to your family.

- Janice Levy

Donald was like a father and a mentor to me. He was very jovial, kind, and had a way with words. I always loved hearing his speeches.

- Claveryl Williams

There are some people we meet in passing and forget as soon as they go. There are some we remember with pleasure and feel honoured and privileged to know

Donald was that kind of person.

- Yvonne Senior

Donald McIntosh was a refreshing blessing to me. He was welcoming, caring, thoughtful, very kind, and a true gentleman. I learnt some valuable lifelong lessons from him. I will miss you dearly, Don Mac. Walk good!

- Deborah Bennett

Donald was an integral part of any activity, work or play that happened in this department when he was working. He would be the voice of encouragement, the voice of reason. He will be remembered fondly.

- Nordia Craig

It is a pleasure to have worked with Donald over the years. He was a gentleman, always an inspiration. He will be sadly missed!

- Sandra Cato

Mere words pale in remembering the light that was D Mac. Wherever darkness and injustice stood, he, with wit, grace and unparalleled wisdom, diminished its effects. A true gentleman, I will cherish the journey he invited me on and as I continue the walk without him, I will take his lessons with me. Until we meet again to laugh and ponder together, may he sleep well.

- Karen Blair

Donald was always approachable, and I could ask his opinion on everything. I trusted his wisdom and solid advice. He certainly loved people and was a true family man. DMc, we will miss you.

- Sharon D.

Donald was a cheerful and helpful person very strong on details. May his soul, through the mercy of God, rest in peace and perpetual light shine on him.

- Shirley Rodney

He was like a mentor to me when I just started working here. He admired my work attitude and encouraged me and told me I should always do my best. Mr Mack, as I would call him, always talked to me about academics and implored me to go back to school and further my studies. He was very jovial, social and approachable. I admired how articulate he was when making presentations. He will be missed, rest well Mr Mack.

- Christopher Grant