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JProjek - spreading the message of Christ

Published:Saturday | June 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Ignorance sometimes leads to unbelief, a case Rudolf Robinson admitted to be true.

"I grew up in Jamaica, a country saturated by churches, but I knew nothing about religion or Jesus Christ. When I became a teenager, armed with little knowledge of Christianity, I came to the conclusion that Christianity could not have been the real thing because of questions that couldn't be answered," he said.

Robinson told Family and Religion that his love for chemistry led him to accept the big bang theory, a reasoning that, according to him, was the only thing that made sense at the time.

"Fate had me switch to the Covenant Christian Academy, a school of Christian teachers and principal, and I didn't like that. One day a pastor came to the school and was conducting devotions. I didn't give her the time of day until she started doing something strange."

The then teenage boy noticed that the pastor was saying things about various students, things that were true though she had never met them before.

According to him: "She started praying for them and touching them on the head and everyone that got a touch fell to the ground. I decided I wasn't going to let her push me down. I stood there ready to prove her wrong, but the next thing I remembered was people helping me up off the ground, tears falling from my eyes and I was thinking about the father I never grew up with."




Robinson said the event led him to a period of research, and with the help of his guidance counsellor, he came to accept Christianity as 'the real thing'.

Though he admitted that the journey had not been the easiest, and that he had fallen along the way, Robinson told Family and Religion that he has since committed his life to spreading Christ's message and inspiring others to the knowledge that you can't be too far gone for God to change you.

Now, going by the name JProjek, Robinson explained that this message is carried through his songs as a gospel recording artiste.