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Steve Lyston | Nation needs emotional healing

Published:Monday | June 26, 2017 | 12:00 AM

We are living in a society that is broken and needs healing. There are many in influential positions within the society who need emotional healing, but it cannot be done through, or by, medical resources, only through spiritual empowerment and deliverance.

A person who needs spiritual and emotional healing first has to identify the root cause. Then the process starts with forgiveness, which is key. Many who have suffered emotionally have experienced that suffering through painful circumstances such as rape, absence of parent(s), and verbal/physical abuse in childhood by family members or others; it could even be as a result of negative words spoken by a teacher or schoolmate.

There are many who have been told that they would never amount to anything good. Interestingly, because of this kind of abuse, many persons take on different levels of academic study to prove their naysayers wrong. Some, as a result, become professional students, accumulating degree upon degree.




If a person is motivated to achieve success based on negative circumstances, they are still not yet healed from the root issue. Many have chosen careers that God did not intend for them. People who have not yet experienced joy, despite their success, can only receive the level of emotional healing they need through the Holy Spirit. Some will go into many forms of spiritualism in their pursuit for healing and joy - yoga, transcendental meditation and so on, but they will not find the true joy there - it simply creates a cycle of mood swings, instability and leaves them unable to maintain relationships, while blaming others. Some become cold and even abusive at the workplace.


Being whole

The people of a nation cannot enjoy true prosperity until they are emotionally healed and are whole - body, mind, soul, and spirit (3 John 2). Why do you believe some people try hard drugs and alcohol, engage in promiscuous, reckless sexual activities, or even become gamblers or workaholics? They know that something is wrong, but all they are doing is so that they can experience peace.

There are those who, because of the love they did not experience growing up, try to pour out that love upon their own children, but to the point of yielding to their every request and 'spoiling' them - which is just as damaging. So they are more of a friend to their children than they are a parent, and this creates a different problem. So as a result of that, those children are on a path to classism, pride or arrogance, and even crime.

Emotional problems are worse than physical problems, because emotional problems cannot be addressed as readily since they are intangible.

Emotional problems influence our choices and behaviour and affects the nation more than we think.

Some of these problems are also linked to what takes place with the mother during pregnancy. Contrary to some beliefs, life begins at conception, and through the mother's environment and how the experience emotionally affects them and the child/children they carry.




For example, if they smoke or drink or are living in an environment where violence takes place regularly, then it is quite likely that the children they carry will do similarly. Recognise that our very calling and purpose are decided in the womb (Jeremiah 1: 5; 49: 1; Luke 1: 39-45). Children who also survive attempted abortions grow up with a lot of emotional problems.


 God's presence heals

The main reason God gives us gifts of healing, word of knowledge, and words of wisdom and discernment is to help to administer emotional healing (Luke 5: 17). God wants us to be emotionally stable so that there is overall stability. A simple environment with songs of worship, even within the workplace, can bring emotional healing. Some may feel peace and have goose pimples - like a distressed Saul did when David played (I Samuel 16: 23). It brings refreshment and inner healing. Many would have diagnosed Saul's problem as a mental problem and medicate or sedate him. But his problem was emotional and spiritual.

We need to stop looking at the 'quietness' of an individual as being a mark of emotional stability. A person can be quiet on the surface but have a myriad of emotions swirling within, waiting for the button to be pushed.

Divine prosperity is not a momentary phenomenon, it is an ongoing, progressing state of success and well-being. It is intended for every area of one's life spiritually, physically, emotionally and materially.

For us to move from poverty to prosperity, we can only achieve that (and deal with the crime issue) when we begin to deal with the emotional healing needed, especially by those in influential positions in every sector of our society.