Sat | Mar 28, 2020

Sentencing of police constable caught with fugitive again postponed

Published:Tuesday | June 27, 2017 | 10:42 AMChristopher Thomas

The sentencing of police constable Kaye Falconer has again been postponed and the policewoman, who was out on bail, has been remanded into custody.

Falconer, who was found guilty of harbouring a fugitive, was set to be sentenced yesterday in the St James Parish Court but the hearing could not go ahead because of an outstanding psychiatric evaluation report.

This is the third time that the sentencing was delayed because of the outstanding document.

Falconer's attorney Adrian Dayes told the court that the doctor had not completed the report due to illness and needed more time.

Presiding judge Natalie Hart-Hines said she was not convinced that the doctor is treating the matter with urgency and remanded Falconer.

The sentencing was then rescheduled to July 4.

Falconer was arrested at her Glendevon home on February 24, 2013 after Greg Taylor, who was labelled as one of the most notorious criminals in western Jamaica, was found at the premises.

He was hiding under a bed.

Three weeks earlier, Taylor had escaped from the Freeport police lock-up under questionable circumstances.