Sat | Jun 23, 2018

OUR won't say if Digicel will be instructed to discontinue maintenance fee

Published:Thursday | June 29, 2017 | 1:11 PM

The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) is not saying whether it will ask telecoms provider Digicel to discontinue charging a Prepaid Maintenance Fee (PMF) for subscribers who spend less than $50 per month.

Public Education Specialist at the OUR, Elizabeth Bennett, says the utilities regulator will await Digicel's response to its request to explain the basis of the fee and provide evidence that it gave customers adequate notice of the new charge.


Public Education Specialist at the Office of Utilities Regulation, Elizabeth Bennett

Yesterday, the OUR said it wrote to Digicel asking it to explain its decision to start charging the fee; to provide evidence that it had provided customers with sufficient advance notice; to say the exact amount to be charged; and the basis of such a charge.

Digicel has until Friday to respond.