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JMMB Group promotes wellness among team members

Published:Friday | June 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Against the background of the high prevalence of individuals living with non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, hypertension and cancer, Jamaica has taken several steps, including the establishment of various organisations, committees, policy and initiatives, to address these concerns in a bid to build a healthier nation.

The JMMB Group is one of the corporate entities that believes in holistic development and wellness.

This healthy lifestyle habit is in keeping with the mandate of the nation's Jamaica Moves initiative. As such, the company last month launched its 10-week healthy lifestyle challenge, dubbed 'Countdown to a Healthier Life,' which has seen more than 150 team members participating.

Clover Anderson, culture and internal communication specialist, said that during the period, team members are invited to participate in seminars, weekly healthy challenges and exercise sessions as they pursue the ultimate prize of a new healthier self, in addition to exciting prizes and the grand cash prizes for the winning team and individual.


Team approach


"We decided to have a team approach to this lifestyle challenge to help individuals to have a solid support system along their journey, as these individuals provide the motivation to keep you going, especially in the face of setbacks," Anderson explained.

She indicated that JMMB had organised weight-loss competitions in the past, however, the success for the candidates and the organisation was usually unsustainable as individuals did not adopt a holistic lifestyle transformation, which resulted in them regaining the weight.

Peter Thompson, investment manager at JMMB and leader of team 'Weight Breakers', attested to the value of a support system. "In addition to building our relationship as a team, we have forged a closer bond as each other's accountability partner and coach through challenges. I recall a member of the team having a 'cheat weekend' consisting of poor food choices. We took the time to discuss the setback and strategise towards getting her back on track and maintaining our momentum," he said.

Thompson's team, which consists of Bonica Thawe, Shadae Prendergast, Sasha-Kaye Johnson-Atkinson and Camille Steer, is hopeful of copping the top prize as together they have shed over 58 pounds and 44 inches by making deliberate healthy food choices, working out together and closely monitoring their progress weekly.

Although the team support is critical to the success, Johnson-Atkinson outlined that the strides she has achieved so far have been complemented by her husband, Ian, who has joined her on her new diet and taken on additional supervision of their 11-month-old daughter, Gabrielle, to facilitate her workout routine.

"The compliments he (Ian) gives are an added bonus," Atkinson said.

Anderson has organised sessions on nutrition with nutritionist Janet Rankine.