Thu | Aug 16, 2018

NCRA wants to extend standardised packaging to rice, flour

Published:Monday | July 3, 2017 | 2:55 PM

The National Compliance Regulatory Authority (NCRA) is planning to expand its programme of standardising labelling and packaging for other food products like rice and flour.

Chief Executive Officer of the NCRA, Lorice Edwards Brown, says this is an area of focus for the agency which has started with enforcing the revised standards for the labelling and packaging of sugar as of July 1.


Chief Executive Officer of the National Compliance Regulatory Authority, Lorice Edwards Brown

Edwards Brown says it is important for consumers to have basic information about retail products that are usually repackaged for sale.

She says the NCRA wants to standardise labelling and packaging for non-food items like bleach and other household products.

Meanwhile, Edwards Brown says the agency will be intensifying public awareness and engaging retailers on the revised requirements for labelling and packaging sugar to improve compliance and increase the quality and safety of food that is sold to consumers.