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Steve Lyston | Never give up on your dreams

Published:Monday | July 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Due to International Monetary Fund guidelines, policy continuation had some success with the country's macroeconomic variables trending in the right direction.

We often hear of the success of prominent men and women, locally and globally, but not many spend time to listen to the struggles, suffering and obstacles they went through before they achieved success. Never be jealous or envious of a person's success, because you don't know what they have gone through to be where they are today.

God has given each of us visions and dreams. Have faith in God and never let go of the vision that God has given you. You will make it to the top one day.

Each person is unique in his or her own way. One of the problems that can hinder us is that we tend to focus on other people's success and use it to measure ourselves. If you are poor, you will get poor treatment; and if you are rich, you will be treated as such. But don't allow the treatment you receive to cause you to become bitter and unforgiving. When God gives you a great vision or dream, you are going to experience great struggles, too. Many may ask the question, "Why am I struggling so much?" Or, "Why am I experiencing battle after battle?" Recognise that there comes a time when you will value the struggles you have been through, because those struggles gave you great wisdom, experience and strength.

God may allow us to walk a tough path because He wants that when we come through we can extend mercy and compassion. For example, you would not know how to treat someone going through a financial crisis if you have never been through it before. The same thing applies to illness and injustice. We live in a world where many in influential positions have not been through anything much. As a result, they make poor choices.

A person becomes a better manager or leader when he or she has been through some things. So while you reach for your dreams, don't give up during the struggles. Recognise that if you have never been through struggles, challenges, obstacles, then you may very well become an obstacle to others. There are pastors who preach about faith, for example, but they have never truly had to walk or live by faith. Many of them live in a church manse and earn a salary with benefits, but they don't know how half of the congregation lives or survives.




Your struggles and suffering are the tools of preparation for the great wealth transfer and the shift that is coming. Never forget Joseph or Ester in the Bible. Their hardships and times of poverty prepared them for kingship and kingly places.

Always remind yourself that you are born for a purpose. The earth is always turning and a new day is coming. Every problem has an expiration date. Hold on to your dreams and don't quit. You are a champion and God is preparing you to soar like an eagle. You don't have to turn to a life of crime or prostitution. We can use the life story of the recent NBA champion Kevin Durant. At eight years old, he told his mother he would be a champion. He suffered many things - sleeping on the floor, being raised by a single mother, no food or clothes at times and was even criticised by journalists that he would not reach anywhere in the NBA. He is a champion today. Lesson: Never quit!

So hold on to your dreams. The get-rich-quick mentality will get your poor even quicker. When failure comes, learn from it and keep moving. Always surround yourself with people who have been through it and have overcome. There are times you have to move away from negative people. Jesus had to lead a man out of his community before He could heal him.

Champions never stay down when they are knocked down, they keep getting up and they continue to fight. Never stop declaring your dreams. Mentally paint a picture of yourself succeeding. We are born to win. Losers are those who refuse to fight. Use your obstacles and failures as a ladder for promotion. Man may forget you, but God never does. When there is no enemy, there is no promotion or reward. Without the giant, David would never be king.

Don't dwell in the past, look to the future.