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Footprints | Angela Chang - Eternally loved

Published:Tuesday | July 4, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Angela Patricia Chang

She was my first and I was her's. We met in Jamaica in the summer of 1971, when she was 17 and I was 20.

She went off to nursing school in the United Kingdom, and I went to Montreal to do my Masters at McGill. But I couldn't take her absence for too long and soon sent for her. We got married in Montreal in June 1973.

I bought a costume ring, and our honeymoon consisted of a Sunday day trip to Ottawa. We couldn't afford to spend the night, such was the life of a student.

Nadine was born on April 20, 1974. Right after my final exams, which was good timing. Montreal sits on a hill and snow was still on the ground. The taxi men were always wary about carrying any lady who looked pregnant up that hill to the Royal Victoria hospital which sat near the crown.

So after several attempts to hail a taxi, I had to wave one down with her hiding in the shadows.Warren was born two years after, on October 6. 1975

We lived happily together for a time.

I remained in the safety of home turf while she was in a foreign land that wasn't too kind to a 'single' mother, especially a black one migrating to Texas, back then. Angela did everything to keep the family together in very trying times.

She often did whatever it took for the sake of our children. I was far from being the perfect partner, and my financial support often fell short. Angela sought the best for our children, the best that she could achieve or obtain, including the best schools.

We were never enemies. In fact, whenever we met, a bystander could be forgiven to surmise that we never parted.

We were there for our daughter's Sweet 16, both children's' graduation from high school, her graduation from Stanford and law school. And we were there for both their weddings.

She truly loved and adored our grandchildren, Chloe and Liam.

Angela pursued her education, too. Achieving her doctorate in religious studies, which she used to counsel other souls.

I truly wished that one day Angela would be rich because she deserved it ... but what I now realise is that she was always rich.

May her soul rest in peace. Amen.