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United Way of Jamaica in partnership with corporate & individual nation builders

Published:Wednesday | July 5, 2017 | 12:00 AM

The United Way of Jamaica (UWJ) held its annual Nation Builders' Awards and Employee Awards Ceremony last Thursday, honouring 16 corporate donors, 26 individual donors and 55 organisations, representing employees who support the work of the voluntary sector through payroll deductions.

Chairman of the United Way of Jamaica, Ian Forbes, noted that "United Way aims to identify what resources are lacking, find innovative solutions to the problem, mobilise resources, and inspire both corporate and individual donors to become a part of the solution by supporting the work of the United Way."

Forbes went on to state that funds mobilised by the United Way are used to support education, health, income-generation and community development programmes.

Ray Palmer, deputy commissioner of police, on behalf of the Commissioner of Police George Quallo, lauded the partnership shared between the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and the UWJ. Both have been in partnership for the last 27 years, with the JCF being the largest group of participants within the United Way's Workplace Philanthropy Programme.


Monthly contribution


More than 7,000 members contribute an average of $200 on a monthly basis to support various initiatives and the work of the UWJ. The JCF has been recognised as the Most Outstanding Workplace Giving Organisation for the last eight years.

DCP Palmer said that "the JCF and United Way have partnered on many projects over the years. Just last year, for example, the JCF and the United Way collaborated to deliver training to help citizens de-escalate tension in their communities. And this year, as the JCF celebrates 150 years of existence, we will once again stand in support of United Way as they work to address the issue of violence among young people."

United Way's campaign target for 2017 is $150 million.

This year, Jamalco/Noble Foundation, received the award for the Highest Corporate Donor and Philanthropist, while Dr Robert Chen received the award for the Highest Individual Donor.