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Consumer advocacy group wants Digicel to withdraw maintenance fee

Published:Thursday | July 6, 2017 | 12:02 PMJerome Reynolds

The Consumer Advisory Committee on Utilities (CACU) is calling for telecommunication company Digicel Jamaica to withdraw the maintenance fee it imposed on prepaid customers.

Digicel is now charging a penalty of $15 to prepaid customers who spend less than 50 dollars per month.

The company started charging the fee on June 22 but customers only became aware almost a week afterwards after utility regulator, Office of Utilities Regulations, made it public.

Digicel has since apologise for the lack of notice and promised to refund customers.

However, the CACU is adamant that the fee should be discontinued and customers compensated.

Telecom Specialist with the CACU, Carolyn Ferguson, says the organisation believes that the fee is punitive and unjustified.


The CACU says Digicel already has a prepaid life cycle policy which removes inactive customers from its network and therefore there is no need to introduce a new fee.

Ferguson says the consumer advocacy group also takes issue with what it believes is the company’s careless approach to inform customers. 

It argues that Digicel is renowned for its marketing prowess yet it chose to inform customers in what could only be viewed as an unacceptable and underhanded approach which smacks of disrespect for the consuming public.


Carolyne Ferguson, Telecom Specialist with the Consumer Advisory Committee on Utilities