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Debate on special zones bill suspended

Published:Thursday | July 6, 2017 | 4:08 PM

The Senate is tomorrow expected to debate the bill to give the Prime Minister powers to declare special zones for security operations.

However, while the debate did not take place today on the bill expected to help put a dent in murders, a handful of protestors turned out in front of Gordon House led by member of the Tivoli Committee, Lloyd D’Aguilar, to express their disagreement with the bill.  

D’Aguilar told The Gleaner-Power 106 News Centre that the plans will only set up citizens for violent encounters and is predicting a repeat of the 2010 Tivoli incursion.


Member of the Tivoli Committee, Lloyd D’Aguilar.

He stressed that the real issues that cause crime must be the focus of the government.

The bill will allow the prime minister to declare a special zone of operation in a situation where there is rampant criminality, gang warfare, escalating violence and murder and the threat to the rule of law and public order. 

It will also provide the security forces with powers to search places, vehicles or persons within specific areas without a warrant.