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Tech Times | Mailpac makes major investment to integrate with Amazon ... Increases accessibility to online shopping

Published:Friday | July 7, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Mailpac Services and its regional counterparts in the Aeropost network announced last week that they have invested over J$275 million in new technology to radically enhance the online shopping experience of consumers. More specifically, the ecommerce syndicate has developed a suite of unique tools and services poised to revolutionise ecommerce in Jamaica - making shopping online easier, cheaper, and more accessible for Jamaicans.

The investment transforms Mailpac from being a simple logistics provider into Jamaica's first true ecommerce platform. Khary Robinson, Mailpac's chairman, believes that the investment will unlock tremendous value as it will provide Jamaican consumers with the resources necessary to access the benefits of shopping online like never before.

"It is no secret that shopping online has significant benefits for consumers as prices online are cheaper. There are many more options to choose from, and the convenience of shopping from your phone or laptop is unparalleled. However, the average Jamaican has not been able to easily access those benefits for various reasons, including uncertainty in the final price, limited payment options, and inadequate financing opportunities. Our new platform eliminates all such issues," said Robinson.


Breaking down the price


At the core of the new Mailpac platform is a unique landed-price tool. Developed through a rare API integration with Amazon and other leading webstores, the tool instantly provides shoppers with an 'all-inclusive' price for any item that they find online. More specifically, the tool automatically calculates the price of the online item, including shipping, duty, exchange rate, and any other cost to receive the item locally. Found at, the tool provides consumers with a unique level of transparency as they are now able to know exactly what an online item will cost in total before they choose to buy it.

"The Mailpac Landed Price Tool eliminates all the guesswork embedded in today's online shopping experience. Now, the consumer can see an item online, know exactly what it will cost to receive it in Jamaica, and pay that cost upfront with local payment options," said Robinson.


Incorporating Loans


In terms of local payments, the new Mailpac platform allows all landed prices to be paid for with Jamaican-based payment options, including a local credit card, debit card, or even cash.

Additionally, Mailpac also invested in developing the island's first-ever instant response loan application system. This allows a consumer to instantly finance his online purchase.

"We are extremely excited about our new financing platform called Mailpac Financial Services because it allows Jamaicans to get financing online in the same manner as in local stores. More importantly, with instant approval, we ensure that the entire process is quick and maintains the benefits of being online," said Robinson.

According to Mailpac, these tools have been coupled with a host of other changes at the company aimed at transforming its role in the retail arena. In fact, in addition to these technology enhancements, Mailpac has eliminated its membership fees, drastically reduced its shipping rates, and added the comfort of free returns on any item purchased or shipped through their platform. The company believes that these steps will significantly expand the number of online shoppers in Jamaica.

"Despite the vast growth of online shopping in Jamaica, most consumers still struggle with the concept of shopping online. Accordingly, less than 2% of Jamaican households shop online today compared to over 70% in the US. Therfore, we have committed to making the investments necessary to lower the barriers for Jamaican consumers so that they can also enjoy the vast benefits of online shopping," stated Robinson.