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Artistes weigh in on secular music and Christianity

Published:Thursday | July 13, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Chevauni Blair
Donovan Hylton
Joseph Emanuel

American rapper Snoop Dogg, popular for his gangster lyrics, has announced that he is working on releasing a gospel album. Secular artistes have many a time lent their talents to the gospel industry, producing various praise and worship songs, with some of these artistes even being invited to Christian events to perform.

While several have eventually made the ultimate switch from 'sin to grace' and, thus, 'secular to gospel', there are those who continue in their lifestyle of actions that are 'not of God'.

Though the practice is a reality and it seems that society has just been going with the flow, Family & Religion wanted to know from those in the industry whether Christendom should embrace and utilise gospel music from secular players.


Godartiste, gospel artiste


"God didn't come to save the righteous, but to call sinners to repentance. Hence I think if an artiste is led to do a gospel song, that is between them and God. God is universal and if He could use a donkey to transmit a message back then, that says to me, He will use whosoever He chooses, whether we approve or not."


Donnovan Hylton, pastor


"I don't have a problem with secular artistes singing gospel songs. God can use anyone and, yes, I would include their songs in my praise and worship services."


Jabez, gospel artiste


"I'm not against secular artistes doing gospel music, but though I wouldn't readily hit out against it, I won't readily accept it either because of the double-standard nature. When you sing as a non-Christian, what kind of effect will you have on persons if you're not saved? Imagine you sing the gospel today and tonight you're at a dancehall event gyrating and so on. Gospel is the good news of Christ, and one can only be a true representative of Christ if you're living for Christ, so I don't think they can truly convict a person."


Chevauni Blair, announcer at TBC Radio


Secular is broad, though. There's reggae, dancehall, pop and many other genres. I think it depends on the content. If it's clean, then why not (include it in playlist for airplay)? We just need to encourage and pray for them. One day, they'll yield. I don't have a problem with them singing the gospel. Support them!


Joseph Emanuel, gospel artiste


I don't think that we should try to limit anybody at all from glorifying God with music because praise isn't something that is reserved for Christians. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. So if the song is aimed at glorifying Him, I see no reason why I should be averse to it. In fact, I wish more secular artistes would sing songs to Jesus Christ because, at least, that would mean that the message of the gospel is reaching where I, as a gospel artiste, can't reach.