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A matter of the heart - Youth leader inspires hope

Published:Thursday | July 13, 2017 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey

Asia, Manchester:

A second chance is what most would accept if they had the opportunity, but can you imagine how many times God forgives and pardons us daily?

"The world in which we live demands that young people come together as a great army. The burden, you, young people, is heavy, but God is behind you," said former president of the Manchester Adventist Youth Federation Doneil Linton

Speaking at a recent youth rally held at the Asia Seventh-day Adventist Church, Linton said he has come across countless youth who have fallen and need help getting back up.

"There are some of them who have broken hearts because they chose to engage in some relationships, and that young woman or man left them disappointed. I have met young people with heavy hearts because they long for the encouragement of someone else in the church, and they leave wanting."

He continued, "There are those with tired hearts. They have tried all they can to render faithful service to the church. I have met young people with pressured hearts, as they are being bombarded by the immoral influences of the world."

He said there are those who have troubled hearts and try to ease the pressure by smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol.

He further mentioned that some young people have cold hearts and have wandered far away from God and stumbled through life bitter.

"Some young people have stony hearts, tired of divine service. The pastor is preaching too long and their minds are at home. But I serve a church whose God loves young people."

He further mentioned, "But even while we acknowledge that there seems to be an overwhelming amount of pressure mounted on us, (and) our hearts are easily broken, there is still a quiet place near to the heart of God."

Linton maintains that only a life closest to God will allow the problems of the world to become bearable.