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Steve Lyston | Married people should have more sex

Published:Sunday | July 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM

God has given us the gift of sex for procreation, emotional joy and physical fulfillment of sexual union. Sexual union is reserved for married people and must be enjoyed regularly in that union so that couples can also avoid temptation. It must be maintained in wholeness through faithfulness and purity of heart, discipline of the eyes and consecration of the body (1 Corinthians 7: 3-5; Proverbs 5:15-20; Job 31:1; Genesis 2:24).

It is critical for Christians to pray more for each married couple to have a healthy sexual life, especially in light of all the attacks that are launched daily against married couples and their sexual lives - including the promotion and sale of artificial penises and vaginas, robots, as well as masturbation and prostitution.

Let it be clear that marriage is consent for having sex, and it is scriptural. Withholding sex will only bring more divorces, more masturbation and more rape. Ultimately, it will stop Godly offspring from coming forth. It is an attack on the Church and marriages, and the enemy is after the mystery of Christ and the Church (Ephesians 5:32).


Change strategy


The Church has to change its strategy. Instead of fighting within, focus on the spiritual warfare that is taking place against it. We are up against marine spirits that are unleashed on the people, and very shortly, there will be laws to make fornication, adultery and what we know to be indecent exposure, legal. In fact, it has already begun.

The book of Solomon clearly shows strategies for married couples regarding sex. Man's deepest need is to experience the oneness of authentic love, in a dependable relationship.

The Songs of Solomon depict a woman as an enclosed, private, protected garden for royal use, into which she invites her beloved to enter. Never withhold sex from your spouse (Songs 4:9 & 5:1). God made the breasts and the lips to satisfy. More kissing is needed between married couples.

Honey, milk, wine are used as comparison for kissing - and they are all good for the body. Something happens when married couples kiss. It brings healing and deliverance. Most married people no longer kiss (Songs 7:7-8).

The book also speaks to us about the different fruits and drinks a person should use to add spice to the marriage relationship.

Both husband and wife should compliment each other on a daily basis (Songs of Solomon 4: 16). Always remember that this is also a Promised Land and a great investment that God has given you.


Wedded couples must fight fatigue

Many times, married couples experience attacks such as fatigue when they want to engage in sex, and it is time for them to fight back; to break every attack upon their lives.

God wants each and every one to enjoy sex so that there is no room for adultery. Adultery allows a person to lose his/her authority. So it is critical to fight for your sex life and have sex regularly.

The book of Solomon also outlines the different perfumes and oils, blended beverages, the apples and raisins that can be used. Washing each other's feet, a nice massage, manicure and/or pedicure can do wonders. Don't dress at home as if you are at church services. A little purple in the hair and a few hair extensions don't hurt (Songs of Solomon 7: 5).

There needs to be openness and good communication to deal with the happenings that are taking place today. The world is supposed to look on, wanting to be married. So married people can't just sit by while the world is enjoying sex more than they are enjoying it. Withholding sex or becoming complacent in your marriage will bring disaster.

Refuse and abstain from any sexual encounters before marriage. Simply put, keep your virginity until the time of marriage and avoid any situations that arouse or awaken sexual desires and activities before marriage. God created sex to be wonderful and fulfilling, but only within the boundaries of marriage.

Wives, always declare Songs of Solomon 4: 16:

"Awake, O north wind, and come, O south! Blow upon my garden that its spices may flow out. Let my beloved come to his garden and eat its pleasant fruits."

Husbands always declare Songs of Solomon 4: 9-11:

"You have ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse; you have ravished my heart with one look of your eyes, with one link of your necklace. How fair is your love, my sister, my spouse! How much better than wine is your love, and the scent of your perfumes than all spices! Your lips, O my spouse, drip as the honeycomb; honey and milk are under your tongue; ..."