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Young males involvement in crime and violence 'frightening' for Bunting

Published:Thursday | July 20, 2017 | 12:33 PMRomario Scott

Opposition spokesman on National Security Peter Bunting is bemoaning the number of young men and teenagers involved in serious crimes across the country. 

His reaction comes as the police and residents in communities being affected by crime and violence in sections of Kingston and St Andrew are claiming that fearless teenagers are the culprits behind the latest flare up of violence in the communities. 

Both the residents and police have said the juveniles are fighting for turf in the communities. 

Speaking at a forum on crime at the Stella Maris Catholic Church in St Andrew last evening, Bunting, said the situation was frightening. 

However, he argued that some of the young males who become vicious criminals are often victims of abuse and neglect.


Bunting claimed that at least 50 per cent of boys have no father figure in their lives while an additional percentage have neither parent in their lives. 

The former national security minister further argued that without adequate socialisation through proper parenting, it was almost guaranteed that the youngsters will grow up to be on the wrong side of the law. 


Opposition spokesman on national security, Peter Bunting

Bunting warned that until a way is found to introduce positive behavioural changes, the country is likely to continue to grapple with the problem of rampant criminality.