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Tajae to get baptised as cancer fight continues

Published:Thursday | July 20, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Tajae Jones

Almost three years after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare cancer of the bone, 16-year-old Tajae Jones is hoping for a miracle as he is set to be baptised today.

Tajae, who recently lost one of his legs to stage 4 cancer, believes that prayer is his only hope as the disease has now spread to his lungs.

Pastor Delroy Derrick of the True Church of God of the Apostolic Faith in Murray Mount, St Ann, who is set to conduct the baptism, has faith that Tajae will be healed.

"I believe he will get better. We have gone and prayed for people in worse situations and they have recovered," Derrick told The Gleaner.

The Murray Mount youngster, who has high hopes of becoming a lawyer, says he is optimistic that God will help him.

"I am in a lot of pain. I have to take at least 30 pills a day, and I have to lie in one spot all day, but I pray to God to get better," he said.

Tajae, who attended the Claude McKay High School in Clarendon, where he lived with his father up until grade 8, has not been in school since his diagnosis.

"I cry sometimes when I see my friends going to school and I can't go," he said.

His mother, Dorothy Francis, says that she too believes he will be healed.

"I know that God can do miracles because doctors said he would have died already, but he is still here," she said.

Noting that the last computerised Tomography (CT) scan that Tajae did cost $39,000. Francis said that she was putting her faith in God.

"I do everything for him, and I am happy for the help that I have been getting, but it's still hard because his medication is now finished and he has more tests to do," she said.

"God willing, I will be able to purchase his medicine on Monday," she added, noting that she was especially grateful to Pat Reed, who assisted in setting up an online GoFundme account through which Tajae has been getting some help.

Tajae is set to continue chemotherapy treatment at the Kingston Public Hospital on August 2.

Anyone wishing to assist Tajae may call 876-406-8042.

- Myesha Broadie