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Rural bus drivers against new route

Published:Monday | July 24, 2017 | 12:10 PM

Rural bus operators whose routes terminate in downtown Kingston have withdrawn their service to protest changes to their route.

Last week the Transport Authority said it would as of tomorrow be rerouting buses from Manchester, Westmoreland, St Elizabeth and St Catherine along Spanish Town Road onto Industrial Terrace and Marcus Garvey Drive.

These buses will now terminate at the Downtown Municipal Transport Centre on Water Lane instead of the traditional terminus at Darling Street.

The Authority said the move is to facilitate the implementation of the extension of routes for minibuses which are now permitted to terminate in Kingston.

It warned operators that failure to adhere to the specified terminal points will result in sanctions.

However, the bus operators are not happy with the new arrangements.

One bus operator, who plies the Old Harbour to downtown Kingston route, Clive Walcott, says drivers do not believe the new park is safe and the facilities are inadequate.


Bus operator, Clive Walcott.

Passengers are also concerned about their safety.

One of them, Angella Cornwall, said the bus park is too far away.


Passenger, Angella Cornwall.