Sun | Aug 19, 2018

Police forced to use vehicles to protect citizens during shootout with gunmen on Tower Street

Published:Tuesday | July 25, 2017 | 4:03 PMJaosn Cross

Before recovering an AK 47 rifle along with 20 M16 rounds of ammunition at Tower Street in Kingston on Monday, a team from the Kingston Eastern police division came under heavy gunfire while on an intelligence-led operation, forcing them to use their service vehicles to block off the area, to protect motorists and other passersby.  

Deputy Superintendent of Police Rory Martin, in charge of operations at the Kingston Eastern Division, today confirmed the incident, which took place yesterday, and told The Gleaner that his team had to spend an hour in the area before the blockade was cleared.

“It was blocked by my men to ensure public safety. I instructed for the road to be blocked off (on Monday) while we were conducting an intelligence led operation down in South Side. We came under heavy gunfire down there. I didn’t want an influx of traffic in the area while  shots were being fired so we used police vehicles (to block off the road) and then we diverted traffic,” said Martin.

“It was an intelligence-led operation. We went on location at a church in the area when we came under fire from men who ran. A search conducted there, revealed an AK 47 rifle and 20 M16 rounds. The shots were being fired for about 10-15 minutes, sporadically. We were down there for a while and it was heavy for about three minutes (out of 15). Overall we were there for about an hour.”