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Smith Facey - I won't yield to rival in race for SW St Andrew seat

Published:Tuesday | July 25, 2017 | 1:14 PM
Smith Facey

The councillor for the Payne Land Division in South West St Andrew, Audrey Smith Facey, says she will not yield to her rival, Dr Angela Brown Burke, in the contest to represent the constituency.

Speaking on Independent Talk this morning, Smith Facey said she remained respectful of her rival despite the obvious tension that the contest has caused between them.


Councillor for the Payne Land Division, Audrey Smith Facey

Smith Facey says she still feels slighted by retired Member of Parliament Portia Simpson Miller's endorsement of Dr Brown Burke, but says she is undaunted in her quest as support for her candidacy is growing in the constituency.

South east St Ann MP Lisa Hanna on the weekend chastised her party for not releasing the results of a poll, which she says, is showing that Smith Facey is ahead of her rival.

Former PNP MP Damian Crawford has since come out in support of Smith Facey.

Meanwhile, Dr Brown Burke, who is a vice president of the PNP and currently the councillor for the Norman Gardens Division in East Kingston, says she will be continuing where the former MP left off.


Councillor for the Norman Gardens Division, Dr Angela Brown Burke

Smith Facey and Brown Burke will face off in an internal poll to represent the constituency this Sunday.