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Socially acceptable, yet morally wrong : where do we draw the line?

Published:Thursday | July 27, 2017 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Doreen Brown

Manchester, Jamaica:

There are a number of things that were once taboo in the Church, but have now found a way to gradually become the norm.

Are the standards of the Church falling, or do we, like many suggest, need to loosen up a bit and accept what is?

Woman of God, Doreen Brown, who has been indoctrinated in the Christian faith since birth, said liberalism has got the better of the Church and the mark is being missed.

"We realise that the dress code has changed over time and although some of what existed way back in the '70s exists now, it has got worse. People have taken it out of line right now and are dressing practically naked."

Brown said that while women are looked upon to be modest, some have disregarded this.

"The morals have broken down. Women come to church in sleeveless (dress), bra showing, deep-cut outfits. I'm not hitting out at any pastor, but I've seen a pastor's daughter come to church in sleeveless and backless dress."




She said the breakdown in morals can be attributed to children having children. There is enough blame to go around.

"I blame the Church, though, because the Church is responsible for setting the trend. Take, for example, the church sister who goes on the choir loft in her short dress and everybody below seeing (her thighs). That is a big no-no and something has to be done to make it better."

Brown cited the music as another key factor that has caused Christians to become wayward.

"I love good music with good clean lyrics, but I realise that gospel reggae has crept into the Church. We had some good 'ole hymns that were properly penned, but now these songs, if yuh nuh hear dem say the name 'God' you wouldn't know say a gospel. I believe when you are doing gospel songs, it should have meaning. It should have a level of conviction.

"I am from the old school and I don't feel good about this gospel reggae. You ever hear the beat to some of these songs and see how Christian people dance to it? You think them out inna the world!"

She said while many will argue that this is the way to reach people of today, one cannot compromise the standard of Christianity to become a popular alternative.

A graduate of the Jamaica Theological Seminary, Brown could not have ended without touching a few keys points that have resurfaced in recent times regarding homosexuals and a repeal of the buggery law.




"This is a plan of the enemy, because when persons from that (gay) community hear these things, they are going to think the Church is backing them. We have to make sure we know what we stand for. I don't endorse homosexuality or lesbianism. I have read in the Bible that the Lord God created Adam and Eve - male and a female. He is showing us that this is the way to go."

She added, "As Christians, we are patterning Jesus and when Jesus was on earth, He didn't discriminate against anybody, but there is a level to which you take it. We are not saying we are better than the homosexuals, but it is up to us Christians to live lives that do not endorse their lifestyle. We a go hug dem up and love dem up like everybody else, but we are not condoning their lifestyle."

Brown believes that as Christians, we need to speak up more.

"Remember, as Christians, we are in the world, not a part of it. The Bible says that 'He that

will live godly will suffer persecution', and a lot of us will lose our lives because we a live godly. It is now that the Church has work to be done. We lack unity, and that is because we look too much on labels and who is a part of which faith. But we need a united front. That is the only way we are going to take down these monsters," she ended.