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Children's hospital receives monitoring equipment

Published:Friday | July 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM

A patient monitor which was donated by the Angels of Love Foundation was welcomed by staff at the Bustamante Hospital for Children, who noted that it will go a far way in better monitoring various issues with patients.

Dr Sharon McLean, who was speaking during the handover ceremony, held at the hospital recently, highlighted that the machine has multiple features, including monitoring the level of carbon dioxide being retained within the patients, and patients' blood pressure.

"It does many things at the same time on one patient. It has the ability to monitor the heart rate, where you can look at the tracing and determine if there is something going wrong with the patient's heart. It allows us, as a medical team, to know that this is the problem and we know how to address it. There is also a part of it that we will use to monitor the amount of oxygen that the body is getting. There are alarms that will tell us if it is too low or if at some point it is too high, and then we know that there is something that we need to do to try and address it and normalise that. We are truly grateful for this donation."

Tunde Moore, secretary of the foundation, noted that the aim is to create avenues to do more donations.

"We are honoured to give this multipurpose patient monitor to the hospital. What we really want is to give more of these things to them. We know that they are one of the biggest research hospitals for children, and we know that children come from all over the Caribbean to this hospital. So whatsoever we can do to assist, we will always do," she said.