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RadioShack aims to provide alternative to shopping online

Published:Sunday | July 30, 2017 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
RadioShack store located next to Courts Optical at the Reliance Centre, Bank House Mall in Mandeville, Manchester.

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

Strategically placed at one of the busiest shopping centres in Mandeville, the first-ever RadioShack store established in the country is expected to lead the trend as a gadgets provider and add to the existing success of its counterpart stores, Courts and Lucky Dollar, under the Unicomer brand.

Jacqueline Edwards-Locke, brand manager, Unicomer, said Mandeville is an ideal location based on the brand's target market.

"It's cool, cool Mandeville that it's referred to, and it's cool, cool gadgets, cool, cool RadioShack ... . We literally sell from a pin to an anchor, and we chose Mandeville because it is developed. We have the university here and we have the young adults," said Edwards-Locke.


Financing plan


She noted that not all items are stocked in store, but once a customer requests it, the delivery can be made and a financing plan offered.

"Yes, financing is available. You don't have to have cash, and that's one of the differences with RadioShack ... . It is from three to 36 months, and anybody 18 years and over can walk inside and get anything you need," the brand manager noted.

She added: "One of the things we pride ourselves on is being able to compete and giving value ... . We ensure our prices are kept competitive and definitely reasonable."

According to Store Manager Carlos Wright, the aim is to provide solutions for all technological needs and give individuals an alternative to ordering online.

"We have converters, drones, power banks, headphones, wide assortment of cables, we have C-Type cables, we have certified apple cables, backpacks, all the techie items that you can think of, we have them, and based on information from our RadioShack partners, for the items we order, it will take only three weeks to get here," he advised.

Edwards- Locke revealed that by 2018, two more stores should be established - one in Kingston and the other in St James.