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Tech Times | Gadget Review: The APC BACK-UPS BE850M2

Published:Friday | July 28, 2017 | 12:00 AMDanielle Mullings

A lot of people have lost data by way of sudden power outages, especially when doing important projects. Imagine being in In the middle of writing your proposal for work and having more or less the entire document vanish. The resurgence of power can also cause a surge so great, that your equipment becomes damaged. The solution to this is to get a good Backup UPS.


What is a UPS?


Firstly, UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply and is commonly called a battery backup. Typically, users will connect computer hardware components like the monitor and processor to a UPS. This allows the computer system to function for a while after power cuts occur. This allows you to shut down the computer safely, saving all files you were working on. Most battery backups also have surge protection which guards your devices from sudden spikes in electrical current.


APC Back-UPS BE850M2


What comes in the Box


- 850VA / 450W Battery Back UPS

- 5-foot line cord with NEMA 5-15 right-angle plug end

- PowerChute Personal Edition software available for download at APC website

- USB cable

- User manual


Build and Design


Off the bat, this device is roughly the weight of a concrete block and so will take two hands to move around. Believe it or not, this is both smaller and lighter than the previous models. However, its weightiness adds to its durability. The BE850M2 seems as if it could stand a few drops or accidental kicks with minimal damage.

It may appear to be a large power strip but this device has a significant amount of hardware in it. Of the nine surge protected outlets on the top of the device, six also have battery backup and 850VA output power. There are also two 2.4A USB charging ports which you can connect to your phone or tablet. The APC Back up also has a data port on one end.

Furthermore, the jet-black design looks sleek and is sure to satisfy any techie where appearance is concerned.

The device is most likely to be placed on the ground or beside a processor as it is a bit bulky. In addition, the BE850M2 has three transformer-block spaced outlets thereby making it easy to connect large transformers without covering other outlets.




The BE850M2 is able to withstand both lightning and power surges in order to keep your devices safe. It is specifically designed to keep routers and modems running for up to 5.9 hours. This would enable you to stay connected to the internet for a few hours after a power cut. I found that the BE850M2 was able to fully charge my phone using the USB charging port as well as half charge the battery of my laptop (while it is being used) after a power cut.

The device also works with APC's Power Chute software which automatically saves files and shuts down your system in low battery conditions. It also allows you to see the status of the battery and perform self-tests to indicate whether the battery needs to be changed or not.




I would recommend a battery indicator display for this UPS as currently the software has to be used to view that information.

Price US$100 on Amazon